PJ's brain unfiltered. Now with more pulp!

Go lions!

Tomorrow morning is my ultra-huge cardiology module exam.  A chunk of broad spectrum heart anatomy combined with specialized portions on nerves, biochemistry and signal conduction make up a good half of it.  The rest is comprised of dysrhythmias, cardio-pathology, related pulmonary topics, 12-lead EKG data, and a 150 EKG-strip exam where if I miss a single lethal dysrhythmia, I fail the entire thing (which I actually find to be reasonable).  All these portions combine to form the megazord, Voltron, a giant cardio-based robot who will fall from the heavens directly onto my car and use his Blizzard-Star Sword to stab my heart and rip it from my chest.

If the giant robot/exam doesn’t destroy me, I have plans to get completely shitfaced afterwards.  Actually, I think I’ll end up doing that either way.


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