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Crazy People are EVERYWHERE

This was ripped from Neatorama, but it’s so typical of the crap we see that I just had to share:

In Hayden Idaho, a man in his mid 20’s whose name was withheld, who believed he bore the “mark of the beast” amputated one of his hands with a circular saw, then cooked it in the microwave then called 911.

According to sheriff’s Capt. Ben Wolfinger the man, was calm when he arrived at his northern Idaho town. “It had been somewhat cooked by the time the deputy arrived,” Wolfinger said. “He put a tourniquet on his arm before, so he didn’t bleed to death. That kind of mental illness is just sad.”

 Mind you, I’ll take a psychiatric call any day over a cardiac call.  I loves me some crazy people.

A-fib and automatic BP cuffs

From Notes of a Paramedic:

People in Atrial Fibrillation shouldn’t have their blood pressure taken with an automatic cuff because missed beats will cause the pressure to read lower. Even when you take it manually, you have to lower the pressure very slowly.

“A proverbial social Lego set.”

One of the most embarrassing things [for me] is the discovery that you’ve been incorrectly using a word for quite some time. As in 10 years. 10 years of sounding like an idiot. 10 years of no one saying anything and just quietly making fun of you inside their head. [Or 10 years of not being around anyone who noticed or who knew the correct definition of the word in the first place.]

Proverbial? It does not have a meaning similar to colloquial. All this time I’ve been using the two words interchangeably. Aaargh! It’s like coming home after a day at work/school and discovering that you’ve had a pen mark on your face for the past 10 hours.


Meet Mr. Badass July 2007

Flight nurse Chris Fogg was transporting a patient on June 27th when the plane window exploded. The twin-engine piper turboprop was cruising at 20,000 feet at the time! Fogg was sucked halfway out the window, with only his legs and one arm inside the plane. He managed to hold one while the pilot dived to a lower altitude to stabilize the cabin pressure, then pulled himself back into the plane. Uninjured, Fogg flew again the next day.

Entirely ripped from Neatorama.

Black Is Black’s 3 rules for getting a tattoo:

(ala SomethingAwful)

  1. What would John Wayne do? If zombie John Wayne would rise from the ground just to look at your ink would you be scared to show him? If so, don’t do it.
  2. Would you kick your own ass in 10 years? Before you get the ink of your dreams think about where you will be in 10 years time. I don’t mean in this in a professional sense, but in a “will the triforce be cool to me when I’m 35?” sort of way.
  3. Can you afford it? Never ever skimp on food, drink, or tattoos. If you can’t afford the ink that you really want don’t settle. One of the worst trends in Chicago right now is unfinished tattoos. Don’t be that guy.

Miss Piggy

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.”

Reposts are forever.

Glanced at [tmbo] for the first time in a bit today after seeing quite a few ticks on the referral list.  Checked out the overall Hall of Fame list and was surprised to see one of my posts still on there.  Then I made it down into the 40’s: it’s a sad thing when you can just look at the title and know that it’s a repost.

[HUGE SCROLLER] What the World Eats.jpg” posted 1 week ago? Good lord.  Things never change.

To be 5 years old

My mom was adorable.  IS adorable.

My love is unhealthy