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“A proverbial social Lego set.”

One of the most embarrassing things [for me] is the discovery that you’ve been incorrectly using a word for quite some time. As in 10 years. 10 years of sounding like an idiot. 10 years of no one saying anything and just quietly making fun of you inside their head. [Or 10 years of not being around anyone who noticed or who knew the correct definition of the word in the first place.]

Proverbial? It does not have a meaning similar to colloquial. All this time I’ve been using the two words interchangeably. Aaargh! It’s like coming home after a day at work/school and discovering that you’ve had a pen mark on your face for the past 10 hours.


Nice chatting with you, HQ Voicemail! Have a good night!

Does anyone else always feel like a complete idiot when leaving a voice mail? I left one on HQ’s main office machine a few minutes ago and hung up feeling like a dumbass.

“Hi, this is PJ. I’m scheduled to work tonight at around, uh, 5:30. But I won’t be coming in tonight because I’m still feeling under the weather.

… So… uh, … that’s it…. *click*”