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The donuts were a hit, so that’s good. By the time I got there they were entirely gone, but the box stuck around the entire evening–“For Display Only” scrawled across it in black magic marker.

I stayed there from 6:30pm until 6:15am, which was entirely unplanned but I don’t regret it. Once I got there, they outfitted me with a flightsuit (which I looked rather nice in), ran through some safety training and paperwork, blah blah blah.

Then it was screwing around the office for a bit, followed by dinner across the street at Subway. We watched the evening news, then Saturday Night Live (with Scarlett Johanson), The Matrix, Underworld, Mickey Blue Eyes, and Scream 3. There was a point where I was the only one out of the entire team that was awake–even the dispatcher. 4:30 am rolls around and people shift around a bit, get some paperwork done. I followed one of the nurses around the hospital, picking up charts and chatting it up with other staff. Everyone just assumed that I was supposed to be there, which is a nice change. The treatment is entirely different when you’re on the other side of the desk, which I suppose is always true for any service. But I can always appreciate late night ER docs talking shit about their cases behind the glass window.

At one point, I think I bumped into an old college classmate, who I can only assume is now a medical student there. …He was as much of an idiot as ever.

Yadda yadda yadda, no calls the entire night. What a groaner. I’ll be going back on the 22nd, so I can only hope that the stupid people are out in force next Sunday.

~ Chopper Five ~

In 9 hours, I’ll be going on shift with several paramedics and nurses for an ambulatory helicopter company. My EMT instructor/paramedic friend, Dave, also does this for a living and helped me get a seat for the day.

I can’t sleep. I’m worried that I’ll get in the way. I’m rightfully concerned with what my girl-hips will look like in a manly flight suit. I wonder if the cops in the ambulance bay would be insulted if I offered them some of the donuts I’ll be bringing. Does the helicopter have a CD player? I hope I can take pictures like the Japanese tourist I secretly am.

Edit: Eh, so I got there all loaded up with donuts and tasty coffee, and it turns out that they had forgotten to call me to reschedule. Well, fuck. A trainee was riding along today and needed my spot on the helicopter–completely understandable. They were very gracious about the whole thing and said I could pop by later tonight to finish off the shift. Also, I can come by on the 22nd and do a full shift. I left the donuts and coffee. Them’s good people. *grunt*