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I love traumas!

Dear Diary,

Last night was the best shift evar!   Without going into details (because I have shit to do and a flight to catch in 2.5 hrs), there was a shooting with two people.  One patient DOA, the other shot in the chest.  My patient was the latter.  His lung was full of blood so I got to stick a giant needle into his chest to decompress his lung.  It is ultra-rare for a paramedic to do this in the field, and it usually takes several years as a paramedic for the opportunity to present itself.  I’ve been a paramedic since January 15th or so.

So, OMG, it was awesome, and we did other shit too, but the decompression was the coolest part.  And we totally saved that guy.  He was still awake (somewhat) and had an Sp02 of 100% when we got to the hospital, and the trauma surgeon says he’s going to make it.

Fuck. Yeah.